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ECO-nomics™  is EnviroClean Solutions’ way of doing business. We believe that after  all things are considered, going green in your business is the best  practice for your company, your employees, your customers and the  planet.

Historically  eco-friendly, or green products, have been expensive and not very  effective at cleaning and degreasing.  We designed, developed and  manufactured our products to challenge this fact and the result is a  truly green, environmentally friendly product, that performs with  exceptional results in the toughest of applications.

By  manufacturing only concentrates that are designed to allow our  customers to maximize the benefits of the performance and price,  EnviroClean has established true ECO-nomics™ that add value across your enterprise in many ways.Say something interesting about your business here.

Benefits of ECO-nomics™


  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Truly green environmentally friendly products
  • CONCENTRATE:  Highly concentrated for maximum dilution flexibility and cost savings
  • FLEXIBILITY:  Multiple applications that eliminate the need for purchasing multiple products for your cleaning requirements
  • SAFETY:  Safe for employees, safe for the environment, non-allergenic and non-toxic
  • ASSET  PROTECTION:  Will not harm your equipment or any hard surfaces, keeps  your assets in use longer, saving money over the long run
  • FLOOR  SAFETY:  Reduces slip fall accidents when used as a floor cleaner which  helps to reduce liabilities for your customers and employees

Customer examples:


Convenience Store Chain:   A chain with 80 plus locations that was purchasing multiple products  for facility maintenance. On average they used 8-10 separate products  for cleaning - products such as concrete cleaner, floor cleaner,  multi-purpose cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, grill cleaner, bathroom  cleaner, disinfectant and glass cleaner.

After  evaluating the requirements the customer was able to implement ECS 770  in almost all of their required areas, eliminating the need to purchase  over 8 separate products and narrowed their chemical purchasing to three  (glass cleaner, disinfectant and ECS 770) with a total annual savings  of over $100,000.

Food Processing Company:   A large multi-national food processing company with an established  cleaning protocol. They have glazed tile flooring in a plant which  required using hot steam water and a caustic cleaner to remove oils,  fats and greases. Damaged flooring and a high slip and fall accident  ratio compounded their situation. After using ECS 770 Hard Surface  Cleaner & Degreaser their tile floor slip and fall incident  reporting dropped 92%.

They  were also able to eliminate the hot steam water application by using  ECS 770 which saved them thousands of dollars in time and energy costs.   Damaged tiles due to harsh caustic chemicals used in the past also have  been eliminated.